My name is Ryan Cooper and I grew up in the former town of Newcastle, now the city of Miramichi, in the province of New Brunswick, in eastern Canada. I currently reside in Fredericton New Brunswick, where I studied Psychology at UNB, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in 2007. Since then I have been doing some soul-searching, and learning about other topics of interest that were not a part of my university education, essentially, continuing my studies, following my own personalized curriculum. This soul-searching eventually lead me to start Mercurius blog.

The purpose of my blog is to organize my thoughts on a wide range of subjects and to gain a better understanding of not only what my true passions are, but also what my strengths and weaknesses are. The process of individuation, or finding your true self involves balancing the opposites of your personality. My goal is to find balance in my wide range of interests. Mercurius, in alchemy and Jungian psychology, represents the combination of all opposites and the individuation process. My posts will be divided into four categories: Science, nature and consciousness; Society, history and politics; Philosophy, spirituality and religion; and Arts, entertainment and culture.

I  am very opinionated, however, I am open to debate and constructive, critical comments. I encourage anyone to share information that might counter my views, as I am always open to broadening my perspective, or of any way I can improve my blog. I consider myself an open-minded skeptic. I never fully accept or dismiss any idea, instead I see ideas as being somewhere on a spectrum between absolute truth and fallacy. As science advances, some of the most accepted ideas end up being dis-proven or refined, while things that have been considered impossible, or in the realm of science fiction, end up becoming a reality. My secondary goals with this blog are simply to encourage critical thought, share ideas with others and improve my writing skills. I hope you enjoy my posts.